About Us



Who We Are

JBtuned.com was established by JBtuned, a Performance EFI Calibrator/Tuning company based out of the South Florida area. JBtuned.com was established in early 2009 although our background in the performance racing industry goes back over a decade. The original intent was to bring high quality aftermarket products from leading companies to the public and wholesale customers with a focus on engine management and tuning solutions.

What We Do

Since our inception we have expanded our focus to product development and production. We currently offer a wide range of JBtuned branded products that have been designed using the latest in Cad Software, 3d printing, 3d scanning, and CNC manufacturing.

Our Soap Box

We take pride in providing an accurate shipping quote. We don’t believe in charging a handling fee or upselling shipping. We provide accurate shipping quotes and often offer free shipping. If it costs us $3.00 dollars to ship and $1.50 for the shipping materials, that is what you pay.