Nismotronic SA

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Nismotronic SA

This package includes everything a NEW customer will need to start tuning with the powerful TunerCodeSA based NismoTronicSA Tuning system!

You can add an ECU to this package by selecting it in the drop down menu above.

NEMU sa Board Features:

  • Single USB connection for logging and Emulation (No need for a consult cable!)
  • SUPER fast realtime emulation and logging (Uploads and Downloads)
  • 4MB Onboard Logging capacity
  • 4 Analog input channels for viewing any 0-5v sensor input (wideband, map sensor, iat, egt, oil pressure)

NismoTronic SA Software Features:

  • RealTime Tuning and Logging via NEMU RT Boards
  • Onboard Logging via NEMU RT Boards
  • ADC Inputs for Wideband/IAT/ETC via NEMU RT Boards
  • User Definable Live Gauges
  • User Definable Live Graphing
  • User Definable Monitor Table
  • Intuitive GUI with visual graphig.
  • Tons of quick keys for quickly editing table values.
  • SLC Pure Plus Wideband Support
  • Innovate Motorsports Wideband Support
  • AEM UEGO Wideband Support
  • PLX iMFD Wideband Support
  • Zeitronix Wideband Support
  • Program Auto Update Feature
  • Import/Export Fuel and Ignition tables
  • Interactive 2D Graphing
  • RealTime Monitor Tables for each logging item
  • Export Data Logs to CSV format for viewing in other programs (EXCEL, Virtual Dyno)

TunerCodeSA Features

  • Load source switching via programmable IO system

    • Load from MAF, MAP (speed density), or TPS (alphaN)

    • Map switching via programmable IO system

      • Alternate and Set2 Maps (4 Fuel and 4 Ignition Maps)

  • Fuel and Timing Maps expanded from 16x16 to 20x20

  • Individual cylinder fuel and ignition trims

  • Closed Loop Wideband PID fuel control with Target AFR table

  • Nitrous solenoid control with fuel and timing trims

  • Programmable IO expanded to include:

    • Digital inputs

    • 4 output ON delay and/or ON delay timer reset timers

    • Function Outputs for Nitrous trims, Map Switch, and Fuel Cut.

    • Output control on Limiters

    • Output control on Knock

    • Triggers and inputs can be ANDed or ORed

    • Programmable MIL warning indicator

  • 4 Idle PWM settings

  • Accel and Decel fuel control on TPS and/or MAP

  • Baro Fuel trim for ITBs running alphaN

  • IAT Fuel and Timing trims

  • Density correction for IAT

  • Knock Control, including individual cylinder knock limits by RPM

  • Knock enrichment

  • 3 Step Launch Control

    • "Set Launch" using throttle and gear shift (realtime adjustable 2-step)

    • AntiLag fuel compensation and ignition retard

    • FTS (Full Throttle Shift) (w/clutch switch connected)

  • Cyclic Fuel and Ignition Cut for rev limits and launch control

  • Flood Clear Fuel Cut

  • Programmable overrun fuel cut

  • Fuel Pumpout Control (ON/OFF with Throttle and shifter)

  • Programmable Injector Timing

  • ECU-Based PWM Boost Control

    • AIV/WGsol Output from ECU

    • High/Low Fixed Duty

    • High/Low Boost by Gear

    • IAT boost duty compensation

  • Overboost limiter

    • MAF and MAP based load limits

  • Boost Fuel Compensation

  • Programmable rev limiter

  • Enhanced DTC control/logging

  • Flex Fuel sensor support

    • Fuel compensation vs flex fuel voltage

    • Ignition compensation vs rpm vs flex fuel voltage

    • Boost control duty compensation vs flex fuel voltage

Supported ECUs:

91-93 Nissan Sentra/SE-R/NX2000/Pulsar B13,N14,N15 SR20DE Manual
ECU Part Nos: 64Y00, 64Y01, 67Y00, 68C00, 1N960

91-93 Infiniti G20 P10 SR20DE Manual
ECU Part Nos: 62J00, 62J01, 77J00

91-93 Nissan 240sx S13 SR20DET Manual
ECU Part Nos: 50F00, 50F01, 50F05

91-94 Nissan 240sx S13 KA24DE Manual
ECU Part Nos: 53F00, 53F01

Nissan Pulsar RNN14 SR20DET
ECU Part Nos: 54C00, 54C60

When you purchase this package through the NismoTronic online webstore or in person we will include FREE installation into a customer supplied ECU!

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