ATL CFD - 2 Wire Standard Wire-Thru Bulkhead Fuel Fitting

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ATL CFD-504 2 Wire Plastic Fuel System Bulkhead Fitting

This is the bulkhead fitting that you need for wiring your fuel system. These electrical bulkhead fittings feature a 2-wire standard "wire-through" design. This electrical bulkhead fitting allows you to run your fuel pump wiring through your firewall, fuel top hat, fuel sending unit, etc.

This is the Plastic version of this fitting and comes with a ptfe sealer washer. This works great with the walbro 450 e85 fuel pumps along with other fuel/pump combos where you do not want any wiring exposed in the tank. This is compatible with most racing fuels including M1 M5  and all versions of e85.

Excepts 12 and 14 gauge wire.

Common question:

How does it seal the wires?

Wire seal operation is very simple. Unscrew the top nut. slide wires through the wire openings. as you screw the nut back down it squeezes the insulation material around the wires effectively creating a tight leak free seal.

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Written by Dekenf Nombre on 20th Feb 2021

Helped with 450 walbro setup for my Acura integra DA.

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