JBtuned Fuel Pump Relay Upgraded Wiring Harness

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We are halting orders of our fuel pump harness due to supply issues. We will have these available again as soon as we are able to source the raw materials needed.


JBtuned Fuel Pump Relay Wiring Harness

** Does not come with a fuel pump.

This harness is for anyone looking to upgrade their wiring and add an independent relay to support a higher volume fuel pump setup like a Walbro 525, Walbro 450, AEM 320 etc. Our harness includes the relay and fuse built right into the harness.

While anyone can use this harness when upgrading your pump, It was really designed for two customers in mind. High horse power and those looking for OEM function and look.

High Horsepower - Walbro fuel pumps are known for supplying fuel to reach some really impressive horsepower numbers. +800HP. One of the drawbacks to the pump is its ability to pull very high AMPs that can and will melt your OEM wiring and potentially damage your main relay. Just search the forums and you will see plenty of examples of this. We fix this problem by upgrading the wire in both size and quality. We optimize the fuel pumps ground location and remove it from the main relay circuit. We also maintain OEM fuse Box location for 12v switched key on power and provide the proper terminal to allow the ecu to maintain control over the fuel pump. You do not need a toggle switch for our setup because the ecu controls the fuel pump like Honda designed it to.

Function- This is not a universal wiring kit. It is made specifically for the Civic EK EG and DC Integra. This means we were able to design the harness in a way so everything has its exact spot. No guessing here. All wires are cut to a very specific length, they are loomed/braided crimp and terminated to plug into existing Honda connectors whenever possible.

Clean Look - We kept with our JBtuned style here and did everything in a way that can be hidden/tucked. This kit will work if you have tucked your fuse box under the dash. If not, dont worry because everything can fit under the OEM plastic's if that is the look you want. You do not have to see any additional wires with our kit if you choose that look. If you prefer more of the gutted race look than that is great also. We take alot of time to sleeve the wires to create a very nice loom and you will have a very professional look and quality harness.

The quality of the harness:

We use a top Mil-Spec wire. It is lighter and smaller and a lot more expensive.

We use high heat wire braiding and Mil-Spec adhesive lined heat shrink.

Terminals Connecting to OEM Devices are OEM Honda (nothing is Chinese here) and are crimped with OEM Honda Crimpers.

Install Details:

The provided Relay Box is mounted in the pass foot area. May not fit with ECU in OEM Location.

1. Green Wire: is for your ecu. You will depin the fuel pump wire at your OBD1 ecu connector and replace it with this pre pinned wire.

2. Brown Connector: Goes to your OEM fuse box. This is the Honda accessory connector. You will connect this to any of the ports that has power when you turn the key on. The under dash fuse box has exact spots for this connector.

3. Red lead wire: This is connected to the battery for eg/integras or into the oem under hood fuse box for the ek.

4. Ring terminal : This is the metal ring terminal on the wiring going to the fuel tank. This is the main ground for your fuel pump. It connects under the passenger seat. You will need to get a 10mm bolt and there are threads available under the seat to ground this ring termial. Clean off any paint.

5. Fuel pump Sub Harness: this connects to the fuel pump. Make sure when you pump on ther gray connector that the red and black wires match.

Time to Ship

We make these once you have placed your order. It can take up to two weeks before we ship this out. We build these in house by hand like all of our JBtuned prodcuts. Please ask for a time frame before ordering if you need in a rush.

What is the bulkhead option?: This is the same two wire leak free fitting that comes with our hanger mod kit. If you purchase a hanger mod kit at the same time as the harness we will install the bulkhead for you anyway so you can choose no. This option if for those just looking to upgrade the wiring. You cannot add the wiring bulkhead once the harness has been made without cutting the wiring so it is recommended to do this at the same time.

Deatschwerks 400 / DW400 Users - We do not carry the connector for this fuel pump. Bosch / DW has not released these for purchase at the time of this writing. If you are to purchase our wiring kit we will need you to mail us the connector that came with your pump.

Reviews (4)

Detent springs

Written by LUIS J CAMACHO-GARCIA on 7th Feb 2021

Very pleased with product. Very positive and great feeling while shifting.

Fuel pump harness Ek

Written by Jason Wolfson on 1st Jun 2020

The product is fantastic. Everything fits perfectly, the wiring itself is top notch quality. Would recommend this product to anybody looking to upgrade their fuel pump!

fuel pump wiring

Written by Asmir on 18th May 2020

Great parts, easy installation, great customer service!

Fuel relay harness

Written by Kado Torres on 15th Jan 2020

Very pleased with the quality and craftsmanship of this harness.. A+ customer service and fast shipping!!

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