JBtuned Civic Integra OEM Fuel Pump Hanger Upgrade Kit

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JBtuned Civic Integra OEM Sending Unit Upgraded Install Kit

*Revision to the EG Kits. We have decided to ditch the oem return line on the Hanger in favor of a 6AN 90 degree bulk head. We found the oem return line to be overly restrictive and have upgraded our kit to suit.

This kit is designed to work with late 80's - 00 model Integra, Civic, CRX, Del Sol and any other Model with a similar fuel pump hanger. This is intended to be an addition to your aftermarket e85 fuel pumps universal install kit and allows you to maximize your fuel system and electrical hookup for aftermarket performance fuel pumps. Aftermarket e85 fuel pumps are a major increase in fuel flow and electrical draw on your OEM system. They provides major a benefit over OEM/no e85 pumps by allowing you to safely run e85, ethanol, methanol, e100, C16,  or almost any other fuel you want to throw at them but require upgrading your OEM fuel lines and wiring to saftly take full advantage of this upgrade.

Your OEM Factory hanger inlet, outlet and fuel lines are a major restrictions to your fuel system. This kit provides everything you need to run a true 6an feed and return line with parts that are designed for e85 specifically. What is often overlooked is safely getting your fuel out and electricity in. Ethanol is very corrosive, especially if left sitting for any decent amount of time. This can destroy a gas tank, rubber lines, clamps, and even wire insulation. Our kit helps to solve this problem and increase performance in the process.

How this kit will benefit you:

Gives you a true 6AN feed and 6AN return ports to support the higher fuel volume. (e85 uses avg 40% more fuel than regular gasoline, your OEM lines don't cut it anymore)

Easy leak proof solution to getting your upgraded electrical in/out of the gas tank. Supports 14 - 12AWG

All seals and line are PTFE Based. (does not degrade in e85 like rubber or raw metal)

 PTFE Submersible Convoluted Tubing sized for your fuel pump of choice (flexible and extreme burst pressure)

Stainless Steel Hose Clamps that will not pinch/cut into your line.

Easy Push or Hardline adapter Fitting for your return. Depends on chassis


This kit requires modifications to your OEM fuel pump hanger to create clearance for the new components.

This is 100% DIY, No instructions are included - See below and Look at pictures for examples

May require modification to OEM  tank cover

We recommend professional install

For off Road Use Only

Something else to consider:

We recommend getting your hanger powder coated with a PTFE powder if possible.  Helps protect the raw metal from corrosion.


Install Help:

While this is DIY, we can still help point you in the right direction

Use Goggles, Mask, glove, long sleeves, etc.. Stay Safe, your working with metal. No Flip Flops (Its a Florida thing)

We use a Dremel with a metal cutting blade and a Unibit for the modifications. (Nothing Fancy)

OEM wiring plastic unit is removed/broken off and the hole is increased for your wiring bulk head (Unibit) Grind off the tab too.

Old Return line is drilled out for your new feed bulk head fitting(Unibit)

The hanger next to your old return line will need to be cut back to make room (dremel)

Your old feed line is now your return line. No cutting. Your welcome

The PTFE Line we provide is flexible and will be looped. We have pictures above for reference.

Put hose clamps on the line before you push it over the pump or fitting barbs. Your will not get this line off once it is pushed on.

We use the dremel to cut and also grind smooth any metal tabs/edges

**Pro-Tip** reference your OEM top hat gasket, Keep your drilling inside the small inner circle

Take your time and make it look good. Then post it on Instagram with #JBtuned

Here is a customers how to install video. He does a great job and you can use it as a reference for your own install.

Reviews (11)

oem hanger upgrade

Written by elijah on 5th May 2022

work as told it would, couple holes and it looks and works flawless. 10/10 recommend for upgrading your fuel system

Uprage fUel Hanger kit

Written by Omar Medina on 30th May 2021

Fast shipped and Quality products

Fuel pump hanger mod ek

Written by Brian K Sanford on 3rd Jan 2021

Good kit. Worked out well.

Upgrade oem fuel hanger

Written by gary Isaacs on 27th Aug 2020

This product is awesome didn't have to spend a lot of money on a aftermarket fuel hanger this work just as great and more cost affective love your product .


Written by Luis on 20th Aug 2020

Easy install and good quality

civic eg e85 hanger upgrade

Written by shawn vansickle on 13th May 2020

hey jbtuned really appreciate the new upgrade for my fuel pump setup it works out super good and clean setup am recommending more people to buy this great quality

OEm Hanger UpGrade Kit

Written by Sean Young on 6th May 2020

Very simple and easy DIY kit for mid-high Horsepower Hondas. About 30 mins with a dremel and the hangar with the pump is setup for you’re high flowing fuel system.


Written by Joe hayes on 19th Oct 2019

I wish there was instructions for someone who may be just starting out with trying to modify their vehicle but overall it wasn’t too difficult if you have some experience and are able to analyze pictures to get it right.


Written by Nelson Maldonado on 28th Aug 2019

Very nice product/shipped fast and arrived in a timely matter. Happy customer. Oh and can’t forget great customer service!

Pump Hangar

Written by Jeff Drinkard on 27th Aug 2019

Installed this in my EF hangar. Install was straight forward and really well thought out. Running a walbro 525 (hellcat) pump with -8 feed and am having no more issues with fuel delivery. Fully expecting to make over 700whp on a single pump.

Best kit around

Written by Josh Lowery on 19th Aug 2018

Best kit around hands down thumbs up easy installation

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