JBtuned Nissan 240sx S13 S14 In Bay Brake Line Relocation

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JBtuned Nissan 240sx S13 S14 In Bay Brake Line Relocation

A common modification when going turbo in a s chassis on the factory KA or SR engines is to run a slim booster to try and make room for the turbo and get the reservoir away from the heat soaked area. The problem with this modification is your brake lines need to be move back and can still be in the way depending on your setup.

Our kit replaces all 3 lines with PTFE based lines that are hydraulically crimped with stainless steel fittings. The lines feature black covering to provide protection to the stainless steel wrap.  Finally all fittings are covered with Mil-Spec heat shrink around the crimp area.

A key feature to our kit is the screw in banjo bolts. this allows you to install the lines on the brake side first and then screw them directly into the master.  If you have ever installed brake/clutch lines you know how difficult it can be to get the proper clocked angles.


Kit Includes:

1 driver side line

1 pass side line

1 rear line

3 stainless steel adapter fittings

3 banjos with bolts and washers


Install route:

These lines are designed to go straight down and route across the subframe using zip ties or clamps. (ziptie and clamps not inlcuded)


***Optional Thermal Control***

Everything about this kit, the purpose and overall design is to try to get these lines away from heat. The lines come a little long to help you route them in a cooler area/tucked.

If you have a turbo setup this is for you. We offer Fire Shield heat coverings for each line to insulate the lines from the turbo, wategate, downpipe etc. This keeps the brake fluid cooler and helps protect the pvc coating from melting under extreme temperatures from the exhaust/turbo area.


For off road use only

Professional installation recommended

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