JBtuned Full e85 Fuel System Conversion- Civic Integra - B/D Series

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JBtuned Full e85 Fuel System Conversion kit - Honda Civic & Integra for B and D Series

This is our complete fuel line / fuel system replacement kit for your ek & eg Civic and Dc2 Dc4 Integra. This kit completely removes your OEM hard line from the gas tank to the fuel rail and back. Completely removing your OEM Filter and replacing it with a e85Freaks e85 compatible large body fuel filter. The kit uses 6AN PTFE line for both feed and return Lines.

Our PTFE lines are machined crimped with stainless steel AN fittings and covered with Mil Spec adhesive lined heat shrink. Lines come cut to length and assembled.

What you need to know about this kit before buying.

***These lines will work with regular gas***

  1. Your have to use a flex fuel sensor with this kit. It does not come with it. We use/recommend GM Part# 13577429
  2. There is not enough room on the drivers side of the fuel rail to run the flex fuel sensor. So, because of this issues we move the regulator to the pass side of the rail and connect the flex fuel sensor there. That means you can no longer use your OEM style rail mounted regulator. Time to upgrade to a universal regulator. We offer one in the menu options.
  3. This kit was designed with the use of the JBtuned Walbro 450 Fuel Pump OEM Hanger upgrade kit  So we highly recommend you use it.
  4. 100% will not work with oem rail or oem fuel pressure regulator.

Base System

Feed & Return Line - 6AN e85 Fuel Lines

Filter - 6 Micron Stainless Steel Element large body case

Fittings - Fittings for fuel filter and the inlet/outlet side of your rail.

Info we need in the drop Downs

  • Car: We need to know which chassis your installing this kit on
  • What fuel rail are you using: We need to know because different rails require different fittings. **Our part numbers all start with e85. Its is just a part number has nothing to do with which fuel your using**
  • JBtuned Fuel Pump Hanger upgrade Kit: If you want to purchase our hanger mod kit with your fuel lines you can add this option. - We highly recommend this to get the most out of your new lines and fuel pump.
  • P Clamp Kit: 10 Clamps in the kit. This is how we attach our lines to the under body the car. Makes for a very clean install
  • Flex Fuel Pigtail for Hondata:  This is the required harness with resister that connects to your flex fuel sensor and gives you enough wire to reach your hondata. 
  • Flex Fuel Sensor Fittings: 2 fittings that slide onto your flex fuel sensor and convert it to 6an.
  • Add a fuel pump: We can provide you a performance fuel pump if you need one.
  • Add a FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) : This kit requires an off rail Regulator, This is the one we use if you need one.

Please Contact us with any questions you may have before ordering.

Professional installation recommended

For Off Road Use Only

For anyone who does not want to use a flex fuel sensor: Its an $80 dollar sensor that will protect your engine. How much money have you put into your motor? Can you afford not to use one? Even if you can, this kit does not work without it so yeaaa..... I know I am forcing your hand here but its like when your mom/dad told you not to touch it because its hot and you touched it anyway and your mom/dad gives you the look like your an idiot. Yeaaaaaa, don't be an idiot.. Just buy the sensor.

On another note I do not currently even sell flex fuel sensors so I get nothing by making you buy one.



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