JBtuned Integra DC Civic EG EK K-swap Full Fuel System Replacement – All Fuel Types

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Please read everything here before making a purchase.


This is our full fuel system replacement for your Integra or Civic running a K20 or K24 swap.

This kit has alot of options to choose from so please read over everything to make sure you are getting the exact setup you need and if you have any questions please contact us before you place an order. See “Drop Downs Explained” below for some explanation of what your picking.

Line type - Currently we only offer this kit with PTFE Braided line. This line is designed to work with almost any fuel on the planet. You can use it with pump 85 91 and 93, e85, c16, M5, M1, Q16. Again, basically any fuel you have ever heard of.

This kit replaces all of your OEM factory hardline from the gas tank to the fuel rail with Braided Fuel Line in either 6AN or 8AN and adds a 6AN Return Line from the fuel rail back to the tank. The kit was designed to mount the fuel pressure regulator on the left side (USDM Driver) of the fuel rail.

Going turbo? Good, we kept this in mind. We designed this kit thinking that we would be running a sidewinder manifold. We keep the lines low and as far away from the heat as possible. With that said, each manifold/ car is different and if you find that the fuel lines are close to the turbo we highly suggest that you insulate them from the heat as the braid will melt if exposed to extreme turbo heat temperatures. This is true for any line from any company on the market.


You can setup a K-swap a lot of different ways. While we have tested our kit in a lot of different cars with different parts (manifolds, fuel rails, regulators, turbos, ext). If you have a one off or odd combination of parts you should contact us before buying so we can help you make sure everything is going to fit correctly.

Things to consider before buying.

  • Requires aftermarket fuel Rail and Regulator

  • Kit comes with a fitting to connect your regulator directly to the rail. *Regulator must be 6AN port* Most regulators have 6AN ports.

  • Will require drilling for you to mount your filter to your frame rail and possibly for mounting your flex fuel sensor if you choose that option.

  • Requires you cut or swap out the engine mount for a lower stud.

Drop Downs / Options Explained

  • Car: We need to know which chassis your installing this kit on.
  • What fuel rail are you using: We need to know because different rails require different fittings.

  • Feed Line Size: You have 6AN or 8AN. It is your choice. Your return will always be 6AN.

  • Fuel Line Type: This lets you choose if you just want standard AN hose or looking to upgrade to e85 compatible hose. Note: You can use regular gasoline with e85 hose.

  • Flex Fuel Sensor Version: We can make the kit with space for you to add your own flex fuel sensor if you want flex fuel tuning options. **We do not supply the sensor itself**

  • JBtuned Fuel Pump Hanger upgrade Kit: If you want to purchase our hanger mod kit with your fuel lines you can add this option. - We highly recommend this to get the most out of your new lines and fuel pump.

  • P Clamp Kit: These are the clamps we use to hold the line up to the undercarriage of the car. (you supply your own screws)

  • Flex Fuel Pigtail for Hondata: This is a harness that connects to your flex fuel sensor and gives you enough wire to reach your ecu in the stock location.

  • Flex Fuel Sensor Fittings: 2 fittings that slide onto your flex fuel sensor and convert it to 6an.

  • Add a fuel pump: We can provide you a performance fuel pump if you need one.

  • Add a FPR (Fuel Pressure Regulator) : This kit requires a stand alone fuel pressure regulator, This is the one we use if you need one.

What Comes with the Base Kit with no add-ons:

  • Fuel Lines - ready to install

  • Filter and Fittings

  • Filter Mounting Brackets

  • Fitting for a regulator to mount to fuel rail

  • Fuel Rail Fittings

  • P Clamps qty: 4


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