Engine Management

  • Link G4X Monsoon

    Link G4X MonsoonX Standalone ECU

    Link G4X MonsoonX ECU   The MonsoonX has been upgraded to provide 512 megabytes of data logging, meaning you can log much more data at a faster sample rate. Control loops are also more precise compared to its G4+ predecessor, along with...
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  • Link ECU Storm G4X

    Link G4X Storm Standalone ECU

    Link G4X Storm ECU SPEC OVERVIEW: Inputs 8 x Digital inputs 3 x Temperature inputs 8 x Analog inputs 2 x Trigger Inputs 2 x Knock Inputs Outputs 8 x Injection drives 8 x Ignition drivers 8 x Auxiliary outputs^ +5V Sensor power supply +8V...
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  • Link Xtreme G4X ECU

    Link G4X ExtremeX Standalone ECU

    Link G4X ExtremeX ECU SPEC OVERVIEW: Inputs 8/10* x Digital inputs 4 x Temperature inputs 11 x Analog inputs 2 x Trigger inputs 2 x Knock inputs *2 inputs required when using 2nd CAN Bus   Outputs 8 x Peak and Hold injection drives 8 x...
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  • Link G4+ Fury ECU

    Link G4X FuryX Standalone ECU

    Link G4X FuryX ECU  Inputs    8/10* x Digital inputs    4 x Temperature inputs    9 x Analog inputs    2 x Trigger inputs    2 x Knock inputs    1 x LSU 4.9...
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  • Nismotronic RT Software Chipped s13 ecu with nemu Nismotronic

    Nismotronic SA

    Nismotronic SA This package includes everything a NEW customer will need to start tuning with the powerful TunerCodeSA based NismoTronicSA Tuning system! You can add an ECU to this package by selecting it in the drop down menu above. NEMU sa...
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