JBtuned 9th Gen Civic FB6 FG4 Full Fuel System Replacement with Return line - All Fuel Types

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JBtuned Civic FB6 FG4 Full Fuel System Replacement with Return Line - All Fuel Types

This is our complete fuel system replacement for the 2012-2015 Civic FB6 FD4 Platform. This kit has alot of options to choose from so please read over everything to make sure you are getting the exact setup you need and if you have any questions please contact us before you place an order. See Drop Downs Explained for some explanation of what your picking.

Line type - Currently we only offer this kit with PTFE Braided line. This line is designed to work with almost any fuel on the planet. You can use it with pump 85 91 and 93, e85, c16, M5, M1, Q16. Again, basically any fuel you have ever heard of.

This kit replaces all of your OEM factory hardline from the gas tank to the fuel rail with Braided Fuel Line in either 6AN or 8AN and adds a 6AN Return Line from the fuel rail back to the tank. The kit was designed to mount the fuel pressure regulator on the left side (USDM Driver) of the fuel rail.

Going turbo? Good, we kept this in mind. We designed this kit on a turbo 9th gen. We keep the lines low and as far away from the heat as possible. With that said, each manifold/ car is different and if you find that the fuel lines are close to the turbo we highly suggest that you insulate them from the heat as the braid will melt if exposed to extreme turbo heat temperatures. This is true for any line from any company.

** Flex Fuel – Just adding a flex fuel sensor into the system will not be enough to get flex fuel tuning. The signal from the sensor must be converted to a 0-5v signal for the OEM Honda ECU to read it. This can be done with a converter. We offer The Innovate MTX-D Ethonal Content Sensor which will act as the converter and comes with a flex sensor that works perfectly with our kit. There are other converters on the market such as Ktuner for anyone who doesn’t want a gauge added to the interior.

Things to consider before buying.

  • You will need to remove the evap system in the car to make room for the fuel filter.
  • You will need hondata or Ktuner or some other engine management because you removed the evap system and other sensors and you will need to tune for all the extra fuel your getting.
  • Requires aftermarket fuel Rail and Regulator
  • Kit comes with a fitting to connect your regulator directly to the rail.
  • Reuse the OEM C Clamps under the car to hold the lines with minor modification.

Drop Downs Explained

  • What fuel rail are you using: We need to know because different rails require different fittings.
  • Feed Line Size:  You have 6AN or 8AN is is your choice. Your return will always be 6AN.
  • JBtuned Fuel Pump OEM Hanger Upgrade Kit: This is a fitting kit that is used to modify your OEM fuel sending unit to accept our fuel lines. It included 2 lines, 1 for the fuel pump feed and 1 for the return line. The clamps needed for those lines, bulkhead fitting for the feed and lastly a quick connect fitting for the return. See images for more clarification if need. We highly recommend this if you do not already have a modified sending unit. In this section you tell us which fuel pump you are using because this kit changes based on the fuel pump.
  • Fuel Filter Version: This lets us know if you want to add a fuel filter to your system. This option changes how we make the kit. 
  • Flex Fuel Sensor Version:  This is not for the actual Flex Fuel sensor. This tells us that you want to run a flex fuel sensor. We then make the kit with space for you to add your own flex fuel sensor if you want flex fuel tuning options. We have to make the single return line into two lines at a specific spot where we have found works the best. We do sell Flex Sensors if you need one. See links below.
  • High Heat Sleeve- This is a protective sleeve that we can add onto your return line during the build process. This is ideal for anything going turbo who plan to located the turbo over the transmission or using a sidewinder style manifold. Turbo temps is too close can melt the black braid on the line.

What Comes with the Base Kit:

  • Fuel Lines - ready to install
  • Filter and Fittings
  • Fitting for regulator to mount to fuel rail
  • Fuel Rail Fittings
  • P Clamps  qty: 3

Items NOT Included in our kits that you might need:

Install Tip's

See images for some install examples.

You will need to remove the OEM Evap System. This will provide you with alot of space for mounting your new filter and flex fuel sensor.

Unlike our Teg and Civic Kits we reuse the OEM C Clamps under the car. (These are the plastic clamps that hold your fuel and brake lines up).  They do require modification (dremel cutting) for our 6 AN return line to fit in properly. These can be brittle and break easy. Good news is they are cheap to replace. Honda Part# 91596-SDA-A01.

If possible, retail OEM Firewall heat shields

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