JBtuned EG Ek Civic DC Integra B-Series Full Tucked Fuel System

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JBtuned EG Ek Civic DC Integra B-Series Full Tucked Fuel System AN Line Conversion

These full lines are design after the JBtuned B-Series fuel tuck kit. We use the same design and placement as the fuel tuck kits but have made the necessary upgrades for you to get more fuel to your engine for those looking to increase performance and have that tuckd look. This is a best of both worlds setup.

This kit features 6AN feed and return lines in nylon black. We have upgraded the fuel filter to our e85freaks 6 micron large body to handle the increase in fuel and HP. This is the same filter we provide in our e85 conversion kits.

These lines have full compatibility with our JBtuned Fuel Pump OEM Hanger upgrade Kit - and we highly recommend this kit in combination with these lines for biggest performance gains.


  • Tuck'd Fuel Lines
  • Fuel Lines from tank to engine and back.
  • No more OEM Hard lines
  • 6AN Feed 6AN Return
  • Is 100% compatible with the JBtuned Hanger Mod kit
  • larger Fuel Filter for more performance
  • Works with OEM fuel rails and fuel pressure regulators but aftermarket is preferred
  • All Hoses come assembled. Just install.


  • DC Integra
  • EK Civic
  • EG Civic

Important Notes:

E85 Line Option. This requires that you run an aftermarket fuel pressure regulator that has a fitting to AN. We do not supply any rail or regulator fittings with this kit.

Fuel pressure regulator must be mounted in OEM location on the fuel rail or mounted to the side of the rail. Example.

Info we need in the drop Downs

  • Car: We need to know which chassis your installing this kit on
  • What fuel rail are you using: We need to know because different rails require different fittings. **Our part numbers all start with e85. Its is just a part number has nothing to do with which fuel your using**
  • Type of Fuel Line: This lets you choose if you just need standard AN hose or looking to upgrade to e85 compatible hose. Note: You can use regular gasoline with e85 hose.
  • Feed Line Size: We need to know what size line you want to use. This also tells us which Hanger kit to send you if you choose to purchase one.
  • Regulator Inlet Size - This helps us provide you with the correct fittings you need for your install. If your unsure what the size is please send us an email and we will help you figure it out.
  • P Clamp Kit: This is how we attach our lines to the under body the car. Makes for a very clean install
  • JBtuned Fuel Pump Hanger upgrade Kit: This is a fitting kit that is used to modify your OEM fuel sending unit to accept our kit. It included 1 PTFE e85 resistant line for the fuel pump feed. The clamps needed for that line, the bulkhead fittings and lastly a bulkhead for the fuel pump wiring. See images for more clarification if need. In this section you tell us which fuel pump you are using because this kit changes based on the fuel pump. We highly recommend this if you do not already have a modified sending unit.

Items NOT Included in our kits that you might need:

Reviews (3)

Full tUcked fuel sYsTem b series

Written by Giovanni on 26th Feb 2022

Great quality, easy to install. Definitely will buy it again.

Full fuel lines

Written by Jonathan Buckner on 1st Sep 2020

I have yet to install these. But the look. Finish. Quality. Seem to be very well made!! My restore project EM1 is under way stacking parts. Excited to get the tucked lines installed. I’m sure I’ll be pleased with them


Written by Chris Fleming on 6th Dec 2019

This worked perfect for my EM1 after talking to Jason about whether or not this would be a good application for me, he walked me through everything and ensured this is what I needed. The quality of the fuel line was really nice, the fittings were good quality, and the installation took no time. Thanks a bunch, Definitely look forward to ordering more products from you.

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