JBtuned EG EK Civic DC Integra J-Series Dual Feed Full Fuel System Replacement.

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JBtuned EG EK Civic DC Integra J-Series Dual feed Full Fuel System Replacement.

We have created a e85 compatible full fuel system replacement for your EG EK Civic or Dc Integra. In combination with our JBtuned Hanger Mod option (See drop downs below) we are replacing all the lines in your fuel system from inside the gas tank to the engine and back.

What you want to know

  • e85 compatible but works with all fuels (pump, 85, 91, 93, e85, e100, c16, q16, m5, etc.)
  • Flex fuel sensor provision available
  • Gives the engine a return line
  • High heat hose covering option available (protects hoses from turbos and hot parts)
  • Feeds both fuel rails at the same time (does not loop them)
  • Replaces all your factory lines
  • Works with JBtuned Hanger Mod Kits
  • Supplies enough fuel to make "Lots" of horsepower
  • All hoses come assembled, individually bagged, and labed with basic instructions


The system comes with an 8AN feed line. Right before the engine it Y's into two 6AN lines. One for each rail. Both rails return to the fuel pressure regulator. The fuel pressure regulator sends fuel back to the gas tank using a single 6AN hose back to the tank.

Drop Downs / Options Explained

  • Car: We need to know which chassis your installing this kit on.
  • Do you need fuel rails: This kit comes with aftermarket fuel rails (they are silver) but we can take them off if you already have a set. This kit will not work with oem rails

  • Fuel Filter Version: The standard kit does not come with a filter. This option adds one of our filters to the kit and we make the space in the fuel lines at the perfect spot for you to attach the lines to it and go. (brackets if applicable can require drilling and riv-thread/riv-nut's to attach.
  • Flex Fuel Sensor Version:  This is not for the actual Flex Fuel sensor. This tells us that you want to run a flex fuel sensor. We then make the kit with space for you to add your own flex fuel sensor if you want flex fuel tuning options. We have to make the single return line into two lines at a specific spot where we have found works the best. We do sell Flex Sensors if you need one. See links below.

  • JBtuned Fuel Pump Hanger upgrade Kit: This is a fitting kit that is used to modify your OEM fuel sending unit to accept our kit. It included 1 PTFE e85 resistant line for the fuel pump feed. The clamps needed for that line, the bulkhead fittings and lastly a bulkhead for the fuel pump wiring. See images for more clarification if need. In this section you tell us which fuel pump you are using because this kit changes based on the fuel pump.We highly recommend this if you do not already have a modified sending unit.

  • P Clamp Kit: These are the clamps we use to hold the line up to the undercarriage of the car. (you supply your own screws)

  • Regulator Inlet Size: Every regulator runs different size ports. We need to know which size your regulator has to provide you with the correct fittings. AEM is 6AN

What Comes with the Base Kit with no add-ons:

  • Fuel Lines - ready to install
  • Fuel rails (Silver) with fittings
  • Y Block

Items NOT Included in our kits that you might need:



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